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Athlete proposes to girlfriend with GPS running map

We begin in Brazil, where a daily run turned into a marriage proposal. Medal-winning athlete Erismax Felix planned a route for his daily run in Fortaleza, so that the resulting GPS map spelled out the words "marry me" in Portuguese. He posted a collage to his Instagram account which shows the map of the run and the engagement ring on his now fiancé's hand. If you're interested, it was a 12k run. On my best day I could manage 6, and I think the only thing I could spell was "gah, ugh, pffff".

Public raises $100K for widower selling kindling to pay wife’s medical bills

There's an elderly widower in Missouri who's been selling kindling by the side of the road for the last year. His wife recently died after a long battle with cancer, so he's been selling the wood alone to try and make a dent in the medical bills that are still piling up. When someone posted to Facebook asking for the local community to support Kenneth, his daughter followed up by creating a GoFundMe campaign, which has now raised over $106,000, knocking on for twice the amount they originally asked for. I've linked the page in the show notes, so do check it out if you want to contribute.

London Business School Community Toy Drive ensures local children have presents to open at Christmas

An initiative, started in 2009 by the London Business School's Community Action Group, is making sure kids who would normally go without Christmas presents this year will have something to unwrap. Gifts are donated by the public and go to kids in the poorest areas of London In its eight year history, nearly 3,000 toys have been donated, and you can search "local Christmas toy drive" to find out if there are any initiatives happening in your area.

Town allows residents to donate food and toys instead of paying parking tickets

And sticking with the toys theme, if you're in Ontario and you get a parking ticket, you could elect to donate food and toys instead of paying up. The second annual Scrooge the Ticket campaign started yesterday, and so says the Mayor, "this is a thoughtful way to have our residents give generously to a great cause leading into the holiday season".

Canada police to punish drink-drivers with Nickelback

And staying in Canada, if you're a drink driver, it's probably not like you to say sorry, and if the world is waiting on a different story, well, you're bang out of luck. Drivers who've been to the bottom of every bottle and are now in the back of a squad car will no longer be screaming "are we having fun yet?" but will instead be asking for it to stop. Yes, if you haven't already guessed it, there's a police force in Canada - Kensington, to be precise - who are threatening yuletide drunk-drivers with the promise that, along with a fine and a criminal charge, those "dumb enough to drink and drive" will be subjected to Chad Kroger blaring out from the cars' CD changer.

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