Here's some (belated) good news for Tuesday 7th February.

Flight attendant 'saved girl from human trafficking by leaving note in plane toilet'

I am indebted to Kim Gregory (@StrengthsAtWork) for pointing me in the direction of this first story, which has made quite a few ripples across the web in the last couple of days. It's the story of a flight attendant, who saved a girl from human trafficking. Shelia Frederick was working on  flight from Seattle to San Francisco when she noticed a girl travelling with a man. She looked the worse for wear while he was smartly dressed. "Something in the back of my mind said something is not right” she later told the news, so she left a note for her on the mirror of the plane's toilet. The girl replied with “I need help" so Shelia arranged for the guy to be arrested when the plane landed.

New Yorkers unite to scrub off hateful graffiti on subway car

We take you now to a subway car in Manhattan. The doors open and everyone boards in silence, looking at each-other uncomfortably. This is all due to the fact that the walls are plastered with swastikas and racist slogans. One enterprising commuter said "Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol". He found some tissues and, as a team, the passengers cleared the graffiti in around two minutes.

In the Netherlands, empty prisons become homes for refugees

Over in the Netherlands, the crime and drug rate has declined for so long that their prisons are going empty and unused. Dozens of correctional facilities have already closed, so the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers  - and, frankly, hats off for having an agency with that name - got to work retooling the prisons as a way to house those seeking asylum.

The random act of kindness that led to a homeless man being reunited with his family... thanks to Bev

A woman in Manchester came across a homeless man, so she popped into a local baguette shop and gave the guy behind the counter £15 to feed this gent for a week. On the way out she thought she recognised the homeless man's face. Turns out he was the brother of a former work colleague. Ciaran at the baguette shop, whose post about Bev's random act of kindness had attracted thousands of shares, managed to find the relevant contact details, and although we don't know the homeless man's name, he's now been reunited with his brother and is sleeping at his house.

After much effort, Springfield woman finally coaxes dog to come inside HIDE CAPTION Terri Pellman said it took six weeks of coaxing and patience before the stray dog she has named Sandy felt comfortable enough to let her get close. Ted Schurter/The State

Terri Pellman is from Illinois. She has four dogs, but when she saw a local stray who was well-known to the neighbourhood, she decided to try and do what nobody else had managed: she wanted to catch him and find him a home. For weeks she'd go and sit in the same spot and try and inch her way closer to the dog. Finally she built up enough trust to get close to her, but the dog still wouldn't be petted, until one day when Terri decided it was now or never. She made a grab for the dog, and was able to bring her home. She's named the dog Sandy, and she's now joined the Pellman family, and has a favourite spot on the sofa in the front room.

And to say sorry for being late and missing last week, here's a little bonus courtesy of @probablydrunk, who sent me a photo, captioned "This pitbull wouldn't leave the shelter without the chihuahua he was protecting, so the owner adopted both!". Follow the link in the shownotes, or head to to see the photo.

And that's your lot. I'm hoping to be bakc with you on Friday morning, all being well. Thanks so much for listening, and do keep your stories coming in. You can find me on Twitter @elevatorpod or email See you in a few days.